Dont think just do

This is an experiment in itself. I often don't blog enough because I take too long to think about what to say. So this is an experiment in eating my own dog food as it says. I'm just doing, not thinking.

As humans we think to much, we let that filter interfere with what our brain really wants to do. Those deep rooted impulses often get stamped out by the rational mind. Its probably part of the limbic system. Have you ever seen Simon Sinek talk about how people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. I reckon that same thinking probably also works on yourself ie you don’t do what you do you do why you do it… yeah I know that doesn’t make sense but there will be no grammatical awesomeness in this post its simply me doing and not thinking, no editing, no second guessing no wondering if people will think Im stupid from this post…

Anyway I digress. I reckon you have to learn to get in touch with that inner voice that give you the hints of what to do in life. I have always called it Feather, Brick, Truck. Let me explain. You ever been in a situation where say a partner was just a bit rude to you in front of other people. It annoyed you and maybe you didn’t address is as you didn’t want to make a scene and soon you forgot about it – that’s a feather a really subtle hint most people ignore. A few weeks later you are out and they are drunk and seem a little bit too flirty with some random person in a bar you are in. Again you ignore it as you dont want to come off as the jealous type. That’s a brick. Then a month or so later you walk in on her in bed with your best friend. That’s a truck. The key to happiness and success in life is acting on the feathers. Take action when you first feel it and life will be good to you.

Our brain gives us hints when something is not right with the world it also give us hints when opportunity knocks on our door, for those talented individuals who have a brilliant idea its knocking right now. Startmate entries are closing this Sunday 24th of November. I wish that Startmate or something like it existed when I started Booking Angel back in 2003. I wasted 9 years of my life learning and making connections that Australia’s best technology mentors will teach and connect you with in you in 3-4 months. Plus we give you some cold hard cash – $50,000 for7.5% of the company. Most will say the knowledge is worth more than the cash. When you read my grammatically incorrect post you may question that but whocare I’m just doing not thinking. So should you.

You never regret the things you do. Only the thing you don’t.